What We Do  
“They’re lifesavers, they really are!”


We like to think we stand apart from other youth support agencies because the support we offer is informal, flexible, responsive and designed to meet individual need at a pace which is right for each young person. We are here to truly listen to young people and to try to understand how they see things, how they feel and how we can support them.
Youth ConcernYoung people tell us that we have been there for them in their hour of need. We are here to help when young people don’t know where to turn. We are here when young people have no-one to talk to. We are here to share in their pain and celebrate in their successes.

But you don’t need to be struggling to access our services. You can also hang out in the Drop-in Centre and play a game of pool or checkout our Music Studio; have a game of backgammon, chill out with your mates or chat on Facebook. We offer a safe place for young people to meet. You’ll get to know the staff team over time and then you will know that if you need our help, we’ll be there.

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