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Watch the video to find out more about Nightstop and how you might be able to help a young person in need by becoming a volunteer host.

Aylesbury Nightstop is an emergency host-accommodation project for young people aged 16-25 yrs who are facing a homelessness crisis. We provide a safe place to stay for up to 7 nights with a volunteer host family. Then we help you to think about your next steps. Maybe you will be able to return home or you could work with us to secure your own home or to find somewhere with a bit of support.

Help when you need it

Our aim is to prevent the need for any young person in Aylesbury to have to sofa- surf or sleep rough at all!

Homelessness can go unnoticed in Aylesbury. Unlike London, you don’t see homeless people begging in doorways. However, there are many homeless young people in Aylesbury. It can happen to any young person. It could be an argument with parents or maybe you’ve split up from a boyfriend or girlfriend, you may even have suffered violence or abuse in your own home.

So what do you do next? Ask a mate or a family member to put you up on their sofa? And then if there is no-one left to help, you end up sleeping in a stairwell or an empty garage?

IF YOU ARE HOMELESS, WE CAN HELP. Aylesbury Nightstop can find a young person a safe place to stay when they may be feeling vulnerable and lost. You can either go to Aylesbury Vale District Council Housing Department and ask to be referred to Aylesbury Nightstop at Youth Concern or you can come to speak to us direct at the Uptown Coffee Bar in Whitehill Lane. To find out more Click Here.

Nightstop Referral Form

To find our location and contact numbers please see our contact us page.

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