“A quotation of profound relevance to the page in here please.”

Below is the set of colours I am using, I had a great deal of difficulty in identifying a set that had a relationship together. This is based on a Tetrad, (four colours). I am not using the red. In practice I think we need to keep the number of colours down, these are hopefully “street” colours. Different shades of the same colour are ok, but to introduce another colour say Orange, would probably not work very well.

Choice of Logo background colour

The colours we have chosen for the website are heavily influenced by the colours that surround them. This is because the website is dominantly dark. I have recreated your logo with white text (it is not the right font, but it is close) and added a slightly different background colour behind the same image. Your choice of colour is on the right. I think this is too bright, I have added the logo with the slightly darker colour into the footer below. This is the one on the left.

Let me know which one you prefer and I will change the footer image.

Choice of header image

Please can we make a decision on the header image style. I sent out four versions. I need to know which one we are going to use. If you are going to use the logo in the header image then we need to occupy the rest of the space with something, maybe some text for example. As mentioned elsewhere I did not take suitable photographs for the header on the 8th of Aug. If we can agree what header to use, and then decide what you want in there for a photograph we can pin this decision down. I will take the photograph later.