Frequently Asked Questions


What will the property be used for?

The property will be used as supported accommodation for young people experiencing homelessness aged 18-25 years old. There will be 10 bedrooms.

What is supported accommodation?

Supported accommodation is a term used for any accommodation where additional support is provided for the residents.

What kind of help will you provide? 

The support we will provide will focus on three key areas: health, skills, employment plus resettlement. This will include things like help looking for work, budgeting, food shopping & cooking; education; emotional and physical wellbeing, and support to find and move onto independent accommodation.

Will this improve the homelessness situation in Aylesbury?

Yes. The young people that will move into this accommodation will be experiencing homelessness or  be threatened with homelessness. They will not have access to other safe, affordable accommodation.

How will you ensure that the neighbourhood does not deteriorate?

Youth Concern has chosen Merryville House considering its location and how best to create a good community atmosphere at the property and within the immediate neighbourhood. The young people will be carefully assessed against criteria before they move in and will live under the terms of their licence agreement. The young people that will be placed there will be looking for jobs or education and preparing for independent living, similar to most of their peers. The house will be staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by skilled housing support staff and there will be CCTV coverage of the property. It is possible that existing anti-social behaviour in the area may in fact decrease given the 24hr/day staff presence. Youth Concern has an existing positive relationship with community police and will cultivate this through implementation of ‘The Next Step’.

What about parking?

We anticipate that none of the residents will have a car while they live in Merryville House. There are two parking spaces attached to the property, which will be allocated by staff. Visitors to the property will be asked to park in town and walk.

What is the background to this accommodation?

Youth Concern has been in discussions with AVDC for 6 years, working together to find a solution to the community problem of youth homelessness. Youth Concern has been supporting AVDC’s vulnerable and disadvantaged young people for 40 years through their charity support services. The Thomas Hickman Charity has bought Merryville House to allow Youth Concern to run this vital local provision which will provide a safe home for young people experiencing homelessness. AVDC has provided financial assistance to convert the property.

How is this being paid for?

The Thomas Hickman Charity funded the purchase of the building under an agreement that Youth Concern will provide and manage 10 tenancies with support. AVDC are providing capital funding to convert the property.

How will we contact staff if we need them?

In the case of any neighbour questions there will be named contacts to assist with enquiries. We will prioritise open communication and encourage feedback from the community.

Does this property have a valid planning permission?

A planning permission application is currently being considered by AVDC.

Who can we contact if we have any queries?

Please contact Youth Concern’s CEO Fran at