Music Studio


image of rappers and musicians

Music & Multimedia studio

Image of a mixerDevelop your talent for Music and Video production at our purpose built Studio! We believe firmly that everyone can make music and our facility is designed to cater for both the experienced musician and those just starting out. We work with cutting edge, industry- recognised software such as Garage band and Logic so you can be sure of getting professional results for your efforts.
Recording your own song has never been so easy. With help and guidance from our on-site staff, you can learn how to record, mix and produce your own music, whether its just for fun or to help you fulfil your musical dreams and ambitions!



Musical Instruments

image of a 6 string electric guitarOur studio has a full complement of band instruments – Guitars, acoustic, electric and bass, piano keyboard and drums. Even if you have never held a musical instrument before, our qualified Music workers can get you started. They will guide you through the basics and point you in the right direction, as you continue to develop and improve.

Music is for everyone! If you have an interest no matter what your level we are confident we can bring out the music in you!



Group and Individual sessions

image of a vocalistWe have sessions for everyone! You can join in on our Friday group sessions from 2.30pm where you can learn the art of music production from an expert musician and producer. Alternatively if you would like one to one tuition or want to do your own thing, you can book an individual session or just Drop-in anytime from 12-6pm Tuesday to Friday.


Rappers Video Clip

The video clip below was recorded on the 28th of September 2012 at the Uptown Coffee bar. Click on the play button in the centre of the image to play the video.



Music Studio Project

Here is the video footage from our Music Studio Project, commissioned by BCC as a project inspired by the Guttman legacy and the Paralympics. The work has all been done from the Uptown Coffee Bar, tracks written for and performed at the start of the Flame Festival in September 2012.

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