A Host’s Story


‘I saw an appeal for Nightstop hosts in the Aylesbury area for a new scheme that was just getting off the ground.

Having brought up two children now happily adult and established in their own lives, but aware of the many reasons why families find themselves unable to support their youngsters at home, I knew that if we had met similar difficulties, I would have been grateful to know that there was somewhere they could go where they would be safe.

So, having a spare room at home, I thought I would volunteer to become a host. I have had several young people to stay for a night or two each, over the course of several months.

Homeless image boy against stairs

After initial uncertainty about how it would turn out, all of my overnight guests were friendly and polite (and a little bit shy to start with), and very appreciative of the hospitality offered.

Each had a different story to tell (which I gave them an opportunity to share with me if they wanted to) and their own hopes and dreams which might be temporarily on hold until their accommodation problems could be solved.

It can make a big difference for them to have a safe place even just for a night or two, and it’s been a privilege to be able to help.’

To find out more information on becoming a host, please e-mail admin@youthconcern.org.uk or phone 01296-431183.

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