**NEW** Photo Shoot 8th August 2012

Below are a selection from the 146 photographs I took on the 8th of August 2012.Each one is in it’s own gallery where I have grouped images together depending on the theme. There is a lot of duplication.

These are images with a minimal set of editing, largely around cropping, colour enhancement, exposure enhancement and contrast adjustment. I then convert them to JPGs. These files are too large to put on the website (they are around 20MB each!). I then shrink them to a size which is still bigger than we need, but provide enough detail for you to see the quality of the images.

I can do more editing including selective removal of objects in the image, before I do that I need this list reduced. Please ensure that everyone who is in an image has the opportunity to agree that their image can be used, or it should be removed. Also ensure that you have release forms for each one as well.

I will give you editing rights in a seperate email. I need you to go in and delete the ones that you cannot or do not want to use. More on this by email.

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The rest of this page explains how to use galleries (photo albums).

How to use Galleries

It is likely that somewhere on your website you will want to post photos of activities and events. You can use a gallery to do that. There is a plugin on the website which allows you to create multiple photo albums. I have created one album to show you how it works. The album can be found in the editor view under Galleries.

There are two ways of using the Gallery. One is to simply insert a selected image representing your photo album onto the page. Accompanying this image is a a brief text description which comes from the description of the photo album. I have used an example of this below. If you use this method you could have a page full of photo albums which are displayed in a compact way until you select it, then it expands to occupy a virtual page.


[print_gllr id=134 display=short]

The alternative method is insert a short code for your gallery into a page. I have used this method below (Method 2). It is exactly the same album, just displayed in a different way. If you had a page dedicated to a subject then you could use this method to display a set of photographs or images associated with the subject.


[print_gllr id=134]

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